Kci Mall’s affiliate program is simple but powerful. We believe it’s extremely lucrative and fair for you and your customers. You have the ability to earn affiliate commissions for every sale you make through our two level program which will help you maximize your efforts.

Program Specifics:

*The program only consists of selling membership plans.

Every direct sale you make you will earn 10% on the initial total and $10 per month for as long as you maintain that customer.

For every indirect sale made, meaning a sale made by your customer, you will earn $5 per month.

For Example:

If you sell a Skyview Business Package you will earn $240 up front and $10 a month for as long as the customer remains active. If your customer makes a sale that will add $5 a month to your monthly total.

So How Do I Get Started as an Affiliate?

To get started as an affiliate and be able to earn commissions you must be a member yourself. Just click the get started today button below and choose the KCI MALL membership that works for you and you are automatically enrolled as a new affiliate. It’s that simple!

Once you have enrolled you will be taken to your affiliate back office where you can fine your unique url that you will share with others. You will also be able to view, contact and organize your team and commissions.

So don’t wait get started with this incredible opportunity today and begin to change your life. Welcome to the Kingdom Revolution!



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