The Kingdom Revolution has Begun!

KCI Mall was created to facilitate the buying and selling of products through the use of Kingdom coins. Here you will find a community in which all vendors and sellers are looking to conduct business utilizing the coin. As the community grows and you witness the value of the coin increasing, you will be able to either buy or sell products and services strictly using kingdom coins. Get started today as a vendor or a buyer. We will be updating this site often with new products and services for our members. Our goal is to have a thriving environment where all transactions are completed using Kingdom coins. Join the Kingdom Revolution Today.


Kingdom Coins

So you want to conduct business using Kingdom coins?  There are several other ways to get your hands on these valuable coins but the quickest way is to purchase products or services from some of our vendors that give out bonuses in Kingdom coins. Don’t wait there is only a limited supply and now is the time to get started.

My Account

When registering for an account here at Kingdom Mall we will ask you to create a wallet and include your wallet address in your backoffice. Anytime you spend or earn Kingdom coins in the mall the amount added or deducted will appear in your backoffice in real time. When you’re ready to hold and store your coins all you need to do is simply request it from admin and the coins will be sent to your wallet straight away. No fuss or confusion

Become a Vendor

If you have products or services you would like to share with this community please click the button below to get started. You must be willing to accept a certain amount of the price in Kingdom coins and provide special promotions around the coin. We service a large community and having your store in the Kingdom mall will give you exposure to the entire community. So get started Today!

Cash Back!

Here at the Kingdom Mall we really have a true cash back program in place. Every time you purchase a product with the cashback banner on it you will receive 5% cash back return straight to your wallet. No hassles or waiting on your returns. Your cash will be available immediately after purchase where you can choose to purchase other products. However, only VIP Gold donors will be able to withdraw it if they choose, either by paypal or check. No questions asked.

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